Trees Used In Buildings Makes For Interesting Insurance Policies

We can either deal with mother nature or work against it. In this situation, designers have actually chosen to dial in a happy medium. Rather of slicing down trees and developing their homes and schools, the trees are integrated as a part of the new structures.

Global warming affects the water cycle by minimizing the quantity of water in the soil and air and it adds to soil loss while leading to a decrease in biodiversity.

Urbanization comprises just a little part of international logging. Will we reduce the forests to develop our houses, or will we attempt to integrate our structures into the surrounding environment? The big question becomes this:  How can we alter our living practices to be more conscious of nature?

These styles display tree and human cohabitation in action. “It makes for an interesting time when it comes to acquiring insurance coverage on buildings like this.” says one Atlanta home insurance agent that we interviewed.

Kindergarten Amongst The Trees

There are so many factors when it comes to underwriting a property for a unique structure and insurance companies in Georgia need to assess projects like these with extra effort and diligence.  In the event of an Atlanta homeowners insurance claim, you want to make sure the coverage limits are going to be sufficient. When you add to that a commercial building with unique factors and characteristics such as a school, the complexity escalates even further.